Travel: Amphawa on a Weekday

Amphawa, or better known as Amphawa Floating Market, is a weekend market located in Samut Songkhram Province.

To get there, one will need to take a bus or private transport for 2 hours to reach it.
You can refer to this website and its forum, which i find rather useful — Amphawa Floating Market

It is, of course at its liveliest, during weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday evening).
On weekdays, it’s just quiet and peaceful, allowing one to be at ease and experience its simplicity.
Or take in the locals’ way of living.

Early morning alms collecting

Quiet morning, around 9am

Daily market place, filled with street foods and random stuff

Friendly stall owners

Cute kids, self entertaining with games.


More on our homestay and other photos in later posts.

4 thoughts on “Travel: Amphawa on a Weekday

    1. hope you’ll get to check it out soon 🙂
      it’s really peaceful and relaxing (excluding the mozzies).

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