Thoughts: Amused by Spam

I don’t know if i should be elated, amused or puzzled by the no. of spams for some Indonesian bank. Not that I’ve anything against the lovely country or the bank but the no. of annoying yet amusing spams does make me wanna go “HUH? Hmm…”.

Truthfully, I’ve seen better spamming tactics in the last couple of years, even the occasional post comments are more creative and trustworthy at times and not overly pushy but the recent ones, especially those that were on my tag box sure hit a new low.

For example:
– threatening to get website owners banned if their spam comments are not published or deleted
– copy and pasted links with no conversations or barely bothered words
– attempting to mask a spam blog with a legitimate bank’s information

It’s easy to remove your spamming comments, have your IP address tracked, have your domain details tracked and report the incident to your host.

Plus, I don’t see the need to spam when you are on Adwords.

Do as you may to get whatever money your spamming job is giving you, as long as no one is hurt or no monetary loss for others.

But if you are going to threaten me again and again, to get your way, you better make sure I’m not pissed off enough to track you down or send cops to your doorstep, for¬†harassment and monetary loss (if any).


When I play nice, don’t fucking take it for granted.
Threats, just make me fight and hit you harder.



Since you took the opportunity to spam non-stop last night, I did what i had to. Submitted feedback to Google Adwords.