Filler: First Try with Lightroom 3

Heh, I like the feel of Lightroom 3, simply because it’s not as complex as Photoshop.

Well, for a die-hard Picasa user (cos I’m too baffled by Photoshop and lazy enough to leave it to presets on Picasa), it’s quite an interesting and easy switchover.

That being said, I’ve yet to read up the manual or guide book.
*looks sleepily at the Lightroom 2 guide from library*

Just fooling around with the presets, available functions… not too bad for a first try, i feel.
the only thing that left me going ‘Huh?’ is that there’s no ‘SAVE’ button… That really require some getting used to.

Well, always nice to pick up something new… heh!
Hopefully I’ll get better after reading the guide and practicing more with it šŸ™‚


*half wish i still have the Epson photo printer, to test with these new filters* :X
speaking of which, thoughts and review on it later this week.

2 thoughts on “Filler: First Try with Lightroom 3

  1. Wow, if it’s simpler to use than photoshop, I’m interested to play with it! It’s kind of pricey though … ehm … and I’m still using PS2… hahahahha

    1. heh, i think if you are on PS, it would be cheaper if you upgrade to PS5.
      as for mine, i’m still on trial version šŸ˜›

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