Thoughts: My week with the Epson Photo Printer TX720WD

After hearing how much Geng Hui (shifu) did with Epson Tx720WD and provided us with a few unglam photos from our BKK trip, I was delighted to finally test it out… with the premium glossy photo papers and A4 paper provided 😀

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Went ‘Omg it’s huge…’ when it was delivered, it took a while to remove it from the box and set it up on my messy desk, due to its size and weight. Probably a two person job.

Installation, easy as pie.
Slotted in the driver CD and install, restart computer or laptop (in my case) and it worked just fine.

Some of my photo print outs (direct phone upload, total injustice to the print outs but can’t seem to tweak without losing details):

Here are the ‘Pros & Cons’ in point form:


  • Easy installation and stable connection with computer / laptop
  • Reminders that are not overly annoying, when color cartridges are at low or need to be changed status
  • Simple and fuss free cartridge changing… totally mess free and no dirty fingers 😀
  • All in one printer (photo printer, scanner, network print and read) with card reader… I don’t have to dig around for the card reader, just slot in and it’ll load up and show all photos on the LCD screen
  • Choice of network cable or usb connection to computer / laptop
  • Photo Enhance function push and make photos brighter / vibrant
  • Fast print for 4R and A4 photo print outs… less than a minute for 4R, around 2-3minutes for A4 photo prints.
  • Quick dry ink, smudge free
  • CD / DVD cover surface printing… but i didn’t try it out, too obsessed with photo printing… *grin*
  • Acceptable photo paper pricing… 20pc semi gloss photo paper sold for S$4.50 (i bought an additional pk to print)
  • It’s good there’s a LCD on the photo printer, for a quick print but it’s too small to check shot quality and judge if any editing is required.
  • Selection of photos while using card reader can be quite a chore
  • Scanning quality decent but not fantastic, scanned photos to jpeg tends to look soft and smudgy
  • Print outs for backlit or darker photos (even with Photo Enhance) may seem to lose its color or feel or contrast
  • User might need to standby more cartridges, as the printer utilize 6 diff. color cartridges at one go
  • Tends to leave a sticky feel, like all other home photo printing
  • Cost for cartridges tend to be a little high … did a little price check on it when i finished all the cartridges 😛
Additional notes:

Aside from going all photo printing crazy with the machine, eg. i finished all the paper within 3 days and even buy a new pack, it was a little noisy after the initial setup and shutdown, not sure if it’s warming up or re-calibrating but it went quiet after that. So i guess it’s probably just initial setup issue.

Most of my print outs, were close to the original digital shots, vibrant and color mostly retained or enhanced! Even the photo subject texture was retained, didn’t soften or lose its sharpness that much… excluding those shots which were backlit and night. Slight lost of contrast and details during settings but still within acceptable range (for me).

Cartridges pricing is a little high(IMO). It would be great if there’s a cartridge bundle pack for users to get, at a slightly lower or quarterly promotional price.

But for an all in one photo printer, which was going at S$298 (during Comex 2011) and good photo quality, it would be great for daily print / scan / photo / network usage at home / office 🙂



And of course…

Thanks to XPR team and Epson for the printer loan!
Had so much fun with it and now a nice collection of prints for collection 😀
Check out Amanda’s post on Epson iPrint and photos 🙂