Event: Panasonic Asia – You’re Under Arrest! Launch

What do you do when you receive a ‘court order’, indicating that you have been guilty of environmental crimes / not environmentally friendly…

You attend your ‘hearing’… no matter guilty or not…
And so I did, with fellow bloggers who were similarly issued the ‘court order’ … to receive our judgement… =P


Panasonic has always been active and constantly promoting eco and environmentally-friendly lifestyles, with their campaigns and products.

Same goes for this ‘hearing’ at CrazyWorld Cafe… to launch their latest ‘You’re Under Arrest!‘ campaign.

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Through Facebook, Panasonic utilize this app to ‘e-arrest’ or ‘accuse’ your friends of being environmentally unfriendly!

A game app that allows you to choose between 12 friends and decide who is more likely of each individual environment unfriendly ‘crime’.

Like this, choosing one of two friends, clicking to decide which friend is more guilty:
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More for laughs, creating awareness and works as a friendly reminder to be more aware of the environmental harm we are doing and doing our part to minimize it 🙂

I tried it on my friends, some responded that they are really guilty and will make certain changes!
Same goes for me, constantly reminding self and changing habits.


And now for some event photos:

Goodie bag from Panasonic Asia

And in case you are wondering what’s in the bag, long lasting, energy saving light bulbs 🙂

Life bar for our environment friendly quiz game

Act cute Genghui (shifu) with my 1UP

And lastly…
Our adorable and grin-y Judge! … *evil grin*


For more photos and write ups, head over to Panasonic Asia‘s Facebook page. Quite a bit of funny photos of bloggers with the Guilty signage, even some from Panasonic team. Heh.

It was nice seeing so many familiar faces, chatting and having fun together.

Do check out fellow bloggers’ (Genghui, Ridz and Techielobang) blog for the write up and photos too.

Lastly… a huge THANK YOU to Panasonic Asia for such a fun event, ‘scary’ invite and goodies 🙂