Photo: Starbucks VIA Ready Brew


Heard that it’s out and available at all starbucks outlets. Some friends, aka Starbucks supporters or coffee addicts (:P) got the chance to try it first, seems good and quite popular with the regulars.

So I dropped by Thomson outlet to get it.

At $3.90 for 3 small packs (they do have it in 12packs at $13.90), it is more expensive than our regular instant coffee  (doh at self) but the aroma and taste (Italian Roast) is definitely smoother and stronger than the usual kopi-o … (didn’t put in milk/creamer/sugar).

Not bad, i like it 🙂
At least I can temporary satisfy any Starbucks coffee craving with VIA Ready Brew 🙂

*Caffeine happy*