Thoughts: Canon PhotoMarathon 2011

3 themes.
12 long hours.
& 2078 photographers / enthusiasts.

for the 9th Canon PhotoMarathon 2011!

Another ‘first’ for me, to see and experience how the event works and my failed attempt to squeeze some non-existent creativity out of my brain. Heh.
It would had been a drag, for the lack in sporty-ness me, if not for friends (Amanda,Β Genghui,Β Andy and new friend, Isaiah) who were there to shoot and inspire me to look/see/try shooting differently πŸ™‚

Not forgetting fellow photographers / bloggers like Chester, Hisham and DennisΒ (part of SuperAdrianMe site) were there too, with their creative photos for all the themes.
And congrats to Chester for clinching 2nd place for IMAGINE theme.

Photo credits: Chester Chen and Canon FB page

Interesting group of photos for this year’s marathon.
Creative shots, multiple exposures, animal and kids shots πŸ™‚

Do check out Canon’s BE EMPOWERED Facebook page, for this year’s winning photos –> HERE

For more photos, do visit my friends’ blogs for their submission πŸ™‚


here are my failed attempts / submission to be creative (i reeeeeaally need to think / imagine and come up with more creative juice) for each theme (‘Eat’ / ‘Circle’ / ‘Imagine’):

Andy, as my ‘Eat’ subject… πŸ˜›

‘What’s left’ for Circle theme

‘At the beginning’ for Imagine.


Yeah well, I’m really bad with theme and time based shoots…

But through this event, I learnt more on how others go all out to capture the winning photos, e.g. rushing to Singapore Zoo to get a photo or bringing their entire mobile photography kits to the event.

As for my preference in photography…
Mainly what i see and feel, shooting more for own visual pleasure πŸ™‚

Guess it’s time for me to venture out and try something new for photography.
As for next year’s Photomarathon, i’ll go if my friends will be there πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Canon PhotoMarathon 2011

  1. The Canon PhotoMarathon is a very interesting and challenging photography event, testing the creativity in a short time frame and doing 3 different themes in 1 day, adds up to the challenge even further.

    Great that you had a great experience there, slowly explore out & beyond your visual, the creativity would be slowly unlocked πŸ™‚

    It would be a good learning experience for all of us and would help us to photograph from different perspective, angles and composition !

    Keep shooting creatively & sharing !


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