Event: In Her Shoes 2011 – Art & Music Against Cancer

Just spotted this, after reading a news article on Today (Shoes for Hope).

It’s art and music / picnic on the green, to create awareness towards cancer (of any form), is happening this weekend (Saturday) at Fort Canning. 3 hours of live music performance from local artistes and fund raising games. More details on InHerShoes website.

Ticketing or entry fees are not fixed, suggested amount indicated on the page is from S$15.

But as the page said, feel free to indicate your donation amount… 🙂

Ticketing / registration / entry fee page –> HERE

And here’s their event video:


Glad to know such events are being supported by health groups, people of all sectors and artistes.

It goes to show how important awareness is, even if it’s curable. And trust me, it can and does affect people around us, e.g. my grand parents who caught it and eventually passed on with various reasons.