Event: Transport Buddy Photo Contest by One Motoring

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Here’s a photo contest from LTA’s One Motoring, for all to share their enjoyable experiences!
With family, friends, colleagues and even family pets… It doesn’t matter, just share / submit to win! πŸ™‚

Who are your favourite transport buddies? Be it your pet dog who loves following you on your supermarket runs, tongue flapping out of that half-open car window, or that trusty old book of Sudoku that never leaves your hand while you sit in the train?

Anything and everything that keeps you company while you make your way around each day, we want you to snap a picture and submit to us!

– Quoted from One Motoring

Submission period:
23rd Sept – 6th Nov 2011

Steps for participation:

1. Snap and caption a photo of your travel companion
2. Submit the photo along with your details to onemotoring@portalcity.com.sg
3. Be a fan of Live I.T page and get your friends to β€œLike” the photo once it’s been uploaded onto the page (Live I.T.).

1st Prize – $300 TANGS Gift Card
2nd Prize – $150 Mustafa Vouchers
3rd Prize – $100 Best Denki Vouchers
2 Consolation prizes – Neck Massagers

Contest page details –> HERE


Hmm, i wonder if i could use THAT photo from our BKK trip… *grins at shifu and amanda*
Heh πŸ˜›

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