Exhibition: Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition (ArtScience Museum)

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Step on board RMS Titanic for the first time in Southeast Asia, and experience the majestic and dramatic maiden voyage of the iconic Ship almost 100 years after it set sail in 1912. A total of nine galleries take visitors through the Ship’s conception, construction, sailing day, life on board, the famous iceberg, Titanic’s sinking, the discovery of the wreck, while all throughout telling the incredible stories of her passengers and crew. With a replica boarding pass of an actual passenger onboard the Titanic, embark on the journey through about 275 authentic artifacts such as china etched with the logo of the elite White Star Line, sheet music and jewelry items, and extensive re-creations of the First and Third Class Cabins, the Grand Staircase, Boiler Room and other locations on Titanic. Finally, find out how the sinking of the great Ship strongly resonated in Singapore at the “Singapore 1912” gallery.

– quoted ArtScience writeup

The exhibition would held at ArtScience Museum (next to Marina Bay Sands) and will be open to public from, 29 October 2011 – 29 April 2012.
Ticketing price as per museum charges, pricing details found —> HERE


I’ve been looking forward to this exhibition for weeks, after watching the documentary on its recreation and hearing the news from a friend (who’s working in MBS).
So excited! looking forward to it with him and trusty dslr 🙂

Hope I wouldn’t go too trigger happy and end up with tons of photos, like the Genghis Khan exhibition (yet to upload) 😛