Thoughts: Options

After a lengthy debating conversation on options, it made me evaluated ytd’s trip.

Sure, there were ups and downs to it, eg. the immigrant card and almost missed the boat issue but when decided with the alternative and put it aside, it really felt different πŸ™‚

Same went with the alternative for the temple visiting and all, it’s just about looking at situations in a whole different view. Acceptance and going with the flow does wonders too. Or simply, taking two steps back and revisit the issue.

There are always more than one option to every situation and most of the time, I have more than one thought out. But often enough i can’t decide which to use.

Why? No idea how or why I saw the need to prepare for it but it helped get things going and cover most issues? *shrugs*

Be it as it may, even if there’s only one option, we can still make up another if it’s not regulation bounded.

For a choice we make, is a path we choose, with or without regrets.

Life gives you lemon, make lemonades.
So that’s what I’ll do πŸ™‚


Oh and thanks to my friend, for the lengthy debate, niaming and chat. It sure beats texting, so much more personal and expressive. And yes, I owe you chicken rice dinner πŸ™‚