Thoughts: Just different

Lately, been at the receiving end of questions, like:

1) why are you acting like that?
2) why can’t you do this / that?
3) why aren’t you moving on?

I don’t really know how else to answer, aside from being different.

You can’t ask a girl to understand completely why some guys drool over big boob girls and not the looks. Same goes for guys, wondering why most girls are temperamental and love clothing & accessories.

We are just different, due to our life experiences and situation we are placed in.

I don’t act like most girls, since I’m tomboyish. Yet I still have my emotional side and have more guy friends. I don’t cope immediately well when taken out of my comfort zone but I’ll manage over a long period of time.

But… where should I fit, just for being different? Which side do u want to place me in?

And if I choose to be different, standing on that differentiate line, can you guys accept it?

I don’t conform to the norm. A stand different from the rest, seeing both side and relate in experience.

The form I choose to be, is flexible.

Like a playdoh.

Now, what form do your really want to cast me into, be it friendship or love. Decide or accept me for who I am.