Thoughts: 2011 Resolutions Results

Now for the results, I’ve cleared…

5 of them:
– Getting a new lens (macro lens)
– Learn a new language (Thai)
– Travel with friends (BKK & T.Pinang)
– Travel with him (HK, China & T.Pinang)
– Learn to be more outgoing and outspoken

– Saving up
– Losing weight and keeping fit

Well, not too bad I must say.
But I doubt I’ll make a list for 2012.

All I would want for next year, is to concentrate on work, save up and travel.

Other stuff, I will leave it to God.

No point fighting fate too much, just going with the flow, as per what everyone has suggested.

D, if we are fated, I hope it’ll be as what you said. If it isn’t, I learnt a great deal.