Thoughts: On falling ill and wants


Comparatively lesser than the usual I get from doctor, wonder if he felt I’m taking too much.

Anyway yes, finally surrendered to the mighty influenza, after resisting it for a good week. I guess a major upper back ache clinched the deal, for a quick trip to the doctor.

Though resting, an old friend came by to chat about his predicament, which I hope will change for the better.

Not much I can share but…
‘Bro, even the odds or change it to your advantage, at least a little.’

And well, chatting with him got me reminiscing on the past, our gaming days mayhem, how much has changed and us, now.

Can I still want something or someone without thinking of consequences or do I worry too much on the future?

Truthfully, I don’t know.

There’s something I want but I’m not sure if it’s just a passing phase or a need. Till I’m sure or at least vaguely sure, it’ll just be a want… and not a need.

Oh well…