Thoughts: Revert


Return to (a previous state, condition, practice, etc.).

Met up with a few old gaming friends and newer bunch last week.

For the old bunch, it felt like old times, when we used to game, supper and chat over coffee and second hand smoking (for me, that is).

For the bros, they felt I’ve changed a lot in the past 2 years, mellowed a lot and soften my approach on things and ideas. Which I agreed, perhaps for relationships as well, since I’ve been through quite a life changing one lately.

One suggested that I revert back to my old self, the wild, over confident smug i was long ago but others felt, there isn’t a need to. Since this change might not be a bad one, it could help ease me into the next phrase in life. Which I agree wholeheartedly.

So why revert?
Simply, a change in mindset and having faith helps.

It will be harder this time to stop thinking or loving and get back into the scene but moving on, doesn’t mean forgetting how I feel or felt for him.

D, if it’s meant to, I hope it’ll be you at the end. Till then, ilu. Meow.

The first step or phrase, as always is the toughest but at least I know I have friends to keep me sane and/or smack me when I emo too much. Plus, I’m never alone when God is with us.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Revert

  1. When we experienced more, we tend to change. Mind, the thinking towards things.
    Whatever it is, be yourself, be happy!

    Happy Chinese New Year ! ^.^

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