Thoughts: Walk on


A lonely walk forward on this dimly lit road, not sure where it’ll lead or who is on the other side… or should we back track into uncertain but familiar grounds.

Neither seems appealing nor comforting.

And as we stay on in stagnant water, all cold and wet, uncomfortable but nowhere else to go.

But do we really require a helping hand to pull us out or can we just gather enough courage, to walk on?

Before the question is answered, we will keep asking ourselves…

Am I ready to be saved?
To walk on?


Just going thru stuff from whole of last week, friends’ r/s issue and personal ones…

My mind feels like one jumbled jigsaw, not sure which corner to start fixing first.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Walk on

  1. Unknown will always create fear. When you really don’t know what to do, just follow your most natural intuition. 🙂

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