Thoughts: Leap Year / Leap Day

4 years ago and 4 years now…

I watched The Leap Years, thrice with various friends.
Cried buckets, for it drew out walled up emotions.
Made a wish back then, that was never spoken of.

And today, it’ll be a similar wish, with a slight editing…

Of all that had happened in the last 4 years, it left me jaded and uncertain.
Maybe as always, more i want something, more i’ll be denied of it.

Instead of fighting so hard for things to work out…
I’m just going with the flow…
For i still miss what we had worked for and uncertain about the path i’ll have to walk alone.

It would be nice to watch The Leap Years again, tonight…
Hopefully i can find the DVD πŸ™‚




Found & bought the DVD πŸ™‚

It’s late (10.15pm), will just have to watch it tmrw or during weekend.

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