Filler: Pastamania App and dinner




Was sneezing uncontrollably the other day, decided on food delivery and not attempt to cook, thus not risking and setting pots on fire.

Plus… it had been a while since I had Pastamania food, so i gave the app a try.

It was easy enough to navigate thru and retrieved my old acc. Order submission was a breeze, only issue I encountered was the bill calculation.

It should have been $18.80 after tax and delivery but reflected in app total as $21.80, additional $3.00. Simply puzzling but not a major issue as the email receipt reflected the right amount.

As for delivery time and food, within the quoted 45mins and tasted pretty good.

Especially the smoked salmon and squid ink risotto :D~

Well definitely require some coding updates for the app, hope they will tweak it soon 🙂