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Just checked out the Cybertron Con at RWS, actually I’m sitting outside of the entrance area and blogging on mobile (killing time).

The event starts 11 – 14 March 2012 (last Sunday till this Wednesday), ticket prices for adults are S$12 (S$10 if you buy on the spot with DBS/POSB debit/credit card) (can’t remember the price for kids).

If you are a fan or collectibles lover, you will love the figurines showcased in this event and the short history lesson for the various Transformer series.

Some rare figurines / toys… πŸ™‚

And of course, the gigantic Optimus Prime, to ‘wow’ at and snap.

Aside from that, 50 customized Transformer figurines in themes by various artistic individuals (designers and hobbyists) are available, for viewing / photo taking and you can vote for your favorite.

A corner for photo taking, mini theatre, stage, children activities and not forgetting, a merchandising area πŸ™‚



Interesting con, covered main points but too small (need more stuff to see and explore). I was done in 2.5hrs.

Well it just hit its worth in ticket cost, nothing caught my eye for merchandises.

But if you don’t mind the cost, it would be a nice place for the kids to check out, just make sure they don’t go running amok into photographers’ gears (had 2 kids ran and into my lens, hurting themselves).

More photos later, when I upload from camera.

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