Travel: Plans for Gold Coast

My lone trip plan for Gold Coast was foiled by my darling oldbies, who were perplexedly worried… *shrugs*

From a lone trip, it turned into a group trip with Dad’s friend joining us.
Oh well, nothing new there 🙂

But I’ll be doing most of the planning this time…
Stress, super unqualified ‘tour guide’ 😛

Got it at an exceptional deal.
And that’s for trying out the new low budget airline from Singapore Air, Scoot.

Hotels with breakfast are mostly dreadfully markup, even during low period… that’s out.
Service apartments seem to be the way to go there, full kitchen and laundry facilities, with decent rates.

This part was settled yesterday.
We booked a 3 bedroom apartment for our stay, at AUD828.

I used the following to give me an idea (reviews and ratings) of the hotels/apartments:

If you can’t find the photos of a particular place, do a quick search on Google.
It helped load details on hotels, motels, apartments and even hostels, not in some of the sites.


Most challenging part of the trip, planning things that would suit the older generation and not put them or myself to sleep.
Still going through pages and pages of sites, to sort timings and match transportation.

And all that research, helps make life easier, for future trips.
Eg. required application for visa to Australia, tourists transport passes, prepaid sim cards to get and etc.

What to expect:

Honestly, aside from the cooling to cold weather and endless beaches, I’m not sure what to expect.
Especially it has been nearly 16years since our last trip to Australia.

And when one oldbie is exceptionally nitpicky 😛


I’ll share more when I have almost everything in place.
Right now, I shall go back to being overly excited for next week’s Phuket trip 🙂

2 thoughts on “Travel: Plans for Gold Coast

  1. GoldCoast might be more suitable for family with kids, Sunshine is more laid back 🙂

    Try Tazmania for rich biodiversity and beautiful landscapes 🙂 (my dream trip)

    1. i see, i wouldn’t mind Tasmania but too long a journey for a short trip 😛
      thanks for the heads up, hopefully i’ll get a chance to go there soon.

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