Food: Dim Sum at Swee Choon

– the walk along shophouses

– my excited friend





– Mee Sua Kueh


A special request / craving from my dear friend, got me searching for a decent dim sum place that does dinner or handle dinner / supper crowd.

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant, been around for many years but never knew or visited this place till earlier. Hidden along Jalan Besar in one of the shophouses, highly recommended by HGW and my friends.

Retained its past beauty, simple layout with a retro wall clock but fitted with modern necessity (aircon & cash register), it has two sitting areas and a shop front for takeaways.

No photos on the layout of the place, we were too hungry and probably overwhelmed by the extensive menu.

Favourite dishes:
– Salted egg custard buns (no photos, we practically put the entire thing in)

Compared to what I usually have at Victor’s, it was decent, almost on par.

– Bai Ye (the last photo)

Refreshing and light. Something I wouldn’t mind as a regular appetizer.

– Mee Sua Kueh

Unique creation, similar to carrot cake served in dim sum places but you can clearly see the Mee Sua filling and it’s not as jelak.


Definitely going back there again, to try other dishes and to enjoy a slight stop in time. Simply love that old wall clock they are still using πŸ™‚

Their website:
Swee Choon

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    1. it’s just mee sua or noodles packed into a carrot cake style. think it has bits of Chinese sausages and radish.

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