Thoughts: on Sony Tablet S

Here’s my summarised thoughts of Sony Tablet S, after 2 weeks of use:

Fun bits:
– smooth interface with Android version 3.2
– vibrant images, close to actual photo color and retains details from photos.
– comfortable spacing and sized screen keyboard
– browser view include number pad for keyboard, for ease in password input
– unique elevated design, easy to carry and doesn’t slip off hands (even without case)
– front and back cameras produced decent images for a tablet (though I don’t see a need for them, its not a phone nor a camera)
– ability to sync with other tv brands and doubled up as a working remote for tv (most fun derived from this function, for the pranker in me)
– fast detection on available wifi networks and fast switch between 2 network points (tested with home network)
– battery life, decent (around 6hrs) with non-stop wifi usage (note: review set was wifi set, not 3G)
– seamless connection with Xperia phone (tested with mom’s Xperia Arc)

Room for improvement:
– it will be better to be expand storage with microsd cards, more space for additional ports or functions?
– oddly, the underside of tablet vibrates a little when sound / music is running, perhaps a better position for sound output? preferably on the elevated point.
– the multi remote function is limited to tv sets, will not work with cable setup box. It’ll be good if future updates can touch on this and make it possible.
– software updates required for users to at least be able to do screen shots, a common question on forums.
– wasn’t able to charge with micro USB port, hmm… but not sure if it happens to normal sets.

Since it’s a wifi set, there were some limitations.

But I did enjoyed my time on it, especially for the current DrawSomething addiction, playing Angry Bird Space (which friends had a great time testing and loving the color quality and responsiveness) and video watching. All that, after my initiated frustration with apple to sony tethering.

It could be a good buy for home usage with home wifi setup, like mine.
For home entertainment, Internet surfing and android games to entertain the kids.

Not forgetting, Sony products ability to cross connect and share, eg. data on sony tablet, like photos or videos drag / send to Sony TV for view.

RRP S$748, for a 32gb wifi set.

For more details, check out Sony’s website — Sony Tablet



Photos, to be included later.

Thanks to Sony and pr agency for the loan 🙂

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