Photo: Ozaki iPhoto Case


Trying out this casing, the Ozaki iPhoto case.
More on it in the next few days 🙂

Updated (23rd April 2012):
For this casing, I would say – price equates quality.

Sure it’s at a higher range but it’s a unique product to have, especially for iPhone users and photographers.
Lightweight casing that clips on nicely to a iPhone 4S (with a pop out side for strap attachment), allowing users to connect it to its strap and on tripods, giving one stability for photo snapping.

Mock leather cover which makes it less slippery, more grip on smooth surface and nicer to hold.
And if you are like me, who loves spin turning your phone, the mock leather makes it near impossible to miss (exclude ultimate butter fingers) 🙂

The soft and smooth strap allows users to wear their phones or cameras with comfort and is able to handle up to 15kg weight.
Well I’ve hooked it up to my DSLR and it’s able to handle the 2+kg (50D + 18-200mm), while stretching the strap a little.
I’m sure you wouldn’t want to overstretch it, so hook it up to your compact cameras or micro 4/3 instead.

Casing removal tip:
1) casing only: start from the top left hand corner and work your way down the left, to remove phone.
2) casing with strap: attached strap to the case tightly, press down lightly on the attached area (right side) to loosen phone from case.

SRP S$69.90 (casing) and $29.90 (strap), from Digitalhub.