Thoughts: Nokia Lumia 800

An opportunity came and thus the chance to ‘spend’ 2 weeks with Nokia Lumia 800.

Here are my thoughts on it:


– Design / Display / Battery / Grip
It seems that Nokia has once again embraced simplicity while giving it a sleek feel, esp. for the curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass. For someone who is constantly on 3G, it lasted longer than my other handset and i love the feel or grip for this phone, doesn’t slip and i don’t have to get additional casing for it. It comes with one slip-on cover, same color as the phone.

– Processing Speed
One of the fastest, compared to other OS phones, be it starting a new app or switching to another.

– Music
Allowing users to download lower quality free playlist from Music store, for easy listening. Although sound quality is inconsistent but I appreciate having such a function that doesn’t require mass data transfer.

– Social network
Easy link to social networks, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, allows fast updates and view of current info of friends.


– Charging point flap
I really do find this rather flimsy, was worried i would klutz and break it but thankfully, it didn’t. It would be nice if users could hide this flap in the phone.

– Camera
Definitely one main function i would scrutinize / compare with other mobiles. Much room for improvement for this, for i didn’t like how lacklustre the photos turn out, with default settings. Macro and other modes were decent but can’t impress with its default being as such.

– Operating System (OS)
It reminded me a whole load of Symbian OS and the near-endless scrolling for app… is just… urggh.  Now that I’ve tried all mobile OS (W7, Android and iOS), I realized W7 and Android both possess similar issue, unable to remove default account (eg. Live or Gmail) without a full phone reset, hmm.


Well, tt’s great to know Nokia is coming back strong and seeking change in design and functionality, while taking in feedbacks from its users.
W7 OS will always be a challenge (a big one for me) but if mobile functions are on par with other mobiles in market, there’ll still be followers.

For those looking for a social networking phone, with decent music functions, email and basic mobile uses, Nokia Lumia 800 will fit your needs nicely.

For specifications and other info, check out Nokia’s website –> LINK


Thanks to Nokia and pr agency for the loan set.


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