Thoughts: All that glitters, is not gold.

All that glitters, is not gold.

A place I stepped into, a couple of hours ago, got me thinking of this saying (in a different way than its original meaning for valuable).

For it glitters and stood out on a wooden boardwalk, with lovely glass painting that would fit amazingly in a cathedral, a chillax ambience and soothing music, yet failed to impress…

Extremely neglected customers.

If you know the place I’m describing or talking about, good for you.

Feel free to decide with your own experience if it was truly good or bad.


If you read through past posts on my dining experiences, I tend to not touch on service or not be critical or harp on it, due to past work experiences in service industry.

But this, took the cake, icing included.

I understand the need to clean up and serve a huge group before us, a simple ‘kindly wait, as we do have a group waiting’ would have been nice.

But nothing, not even a nod of acknowledgement after 10mins of wait.

Not even after being seated, on our own.

After much waving, attention was given, orders taken but still another 10-15mins for a glass of wine and a pot of tea. While the other tables were promptly served and attention given.

When it was time to foot the bill, it came fast, so fast it left me feeling –>

Somehow it left me wondering, was it our dressing (casual Friday, jeans and tees) that got us such warmth-less service or was it because we looked like students or were they trying to leave customers with privacy, yet forgot to take notice?

Whichever it may be, let this not deter you from a good chillax place with soothing ambience and music but be warned, of its lack in service.

I would revisit someday, at a timing with less crowd, just to try out the food and wine i missed earlier. And perhaps in hope, service will get better (not just based on my experience but including feedbacks found on 4sq).

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