Photo: Flying Lemur or Colugo


A trip to the nearby reservoir after work to test the Leica paid off, when I came across this strange looking animal on a tree trunk.

I was getting ready to leave when I spotted a bunch of kids crowding round a tree near the carpark, pointing at something. Being naturally curious (cat-like behavior), I zoomed in (with the camera, of course. no superpowers, sadly, hahaha!) and got a clear look / photo of it.

A flying lemur or colugo, I was told, by 2 nature photographers / conservationists on facebook and instagram.

Details as shared by Ria:



Common in Singapore and nocturnal but not many came across it, since it usually camouflage and stays in high trees or tree tops, away from the crowd.

Guess the kids and i were lucky enough to see it so close and slightly far from its natural hiding area.

Worth the photo walk and getting bitten by evening bloodsucking mosquitoes.

Something new, learnt 🙂