Film: Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (1983)


An adaption of the book, The Seed and the Sower, experiences from a P.O.W survivor.

Looking at WW2 from a different perspective.

The imperialism way for the then jap army, (likely) living standards and treatment in a P.O.W camp, humane and inhumane way of treating prisoners, exchanges of thoughts and culture while including that hint of taboo, of homosexuality.

Probably unheard of or a pure ‘no no’ for many back then. But I’m glad they went ahead and made this film, a little draggy but the acting and story telling method, were good.

Hmm, I pretty much summed up the film in the above paragraph. Oops :p

How humane and kind you were in the past, a crime is still a crime, it doesn’t offset the present. Enemies, may turn out to be your best friend… and respect or love, could just be a thin line.

That brought tears.

The songs (one of them, has the same title as the movie) composed and used in this movie, simply touching.

Do watch, if you can find a copy of it 🙂

Thought – “No winners in wars, only victims.”