Exhibition: EmancipAsia – Bought & Sold Photography Exhibition

Bought & Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking
A powerful photographic art exhibition on human trafficking by award winning photographer Kay Chernush, to raise awareness of forced labour and sexual exploitation in Asia Pacific region.


Some works from the exhibition:

Chili Pepper Bath

Leap to Freedom

Ghost Workers


Slavery or forced labor and sex trades, does exist in our region.
Most wouldn’t wander into such areas or industries, to find out the numbers and exploits involved.

This upcoming exhibition will help bring to life some of the voices of those who have lived through it and survived.
And hope to share with all, that such issues don’t just appear in crime series or movies.

If you are interested to view Kay Chernush’s works, to learn more about modern day slavery and how to help…

Here are the details:


Dates & Locations:

13th July – 2nd Sept, 2012
Walkway, in front of Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road

3rd – 21st September
Main Library and U-Town, National University of Singapore