Thoughts: on Dell XPS 14





Just a quick update…

XPS 14 and photos from last Saturday, Dell’s bloggers luncheon.

A 14inch ultra book with an amazing 11 hour battery life.

Though on the heavier end (still lighter than my current), it’s great for long day usage, especially for non-desk bound users (aka on the go).

Sleek metallic exterior, sturdy base, comfortable keys and press-click touch pad.

Available and retailing from SGD1399.


I would have gotten it if it was out earlier.

With its specs, possible to play Diablo3 on it and do without the charger 😀

Random silly XY idea:
– might be sturdy enough to smack some evil doers (metallic, heavy and well built) :p


Quick fact (something I learnt):
Intel came up with the term ‘ultra book’, with a set of specifications. For laptop manufacturers, to keep to if they are to classify their products as ‘ultra book’.

For more details or read up – Wikipedia on Ultra book

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