News: Panasonic e-Symphony ‘create an eco tune’ contest, ends Friday!

Panasonic’s  e-Symphony Eco tunes campaign is an ongoing campaign, for all to put their creative juices to work and create interesting 1min tunes…
With various environment sounds (eg. cars, factory, leaves… etc).

If you enjoy…:

– composing your own tunes, with various quirky background sounds on a mixer
–  giving your musical talent a shot and create a tune that you feel will appeal to all
– and would like to help an environmental cause (Panasonic will donate S$0.50 for every eco tune submitted)

Do check it out!

Submission deadline ends on July 13 2012, 12 noon (this Friday).


Winners will receive the following prizes:

1st prize – 42″ Viera TV (worth S$2399)

2nd prize – GX1 Lumix Camera (worth S$1299)

3rd prize – Home Audio System (worth S$299)

Panasonic e-Symphony

If you are unsure how to work the e-mixer, do refer to the ‘How To’ videos tab.
There’s a guide to get you going.



Oh, I’ve been sitting on these for a while… *sheepish grin*
Sorry Panasonic and PR agency peeps :X

Here are the hints to help you unlock backgrounds sounds, to use for the tunes (if you can’t get enough friends to help unlock):

– Power Hint:
a)  Ag Clean technology by Panasonic uses the anti-backterial effects of silber to keep food fresh by inactivating 99.9% of mold and backteria in the refrigerator
b) Yes: in 1970, 2.2 million Sydney residents and more than 2,100 businesses participated
c) YES! Actually between 12 and 15
d) Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution

– Hints:
#01: Earth day first started 5 years after Singapore’s separation from Malaysia
#02: The highest energy consuming items are normally located in your kitchen
#03 20% of a gaming console power for a fridge
#04: The average home uses about 300 liters of water everyday
#05 The number of plastic bags produced per day is almost 20billion!
#06: Evolta: a record breaker!
#08: “Changi Fast Chicken” hasn’t been incorporated yet
#09: The average family consumes over 100 liters of juice, almost 400 liters of milk and 100 liters of bottled water each year
#10: Be environmentally friendly. Better a shower than a bath.
#11: Remeber the Panasonic Evolta range
#12: Lights left on do have an impact on surrounding air temperature
#13: Typically more than 2/3 waste from this pressed cellulose pulp
#14: Almost 450 british barrels of water for 2 cooling showers a day, over a year
#15: You could fill quite a few buckets with this dripping tap
#16: Almost 576km (sq) of forests are being cut down every day
#17: Be processed now, come back in a month!
#18: Close to 70% of office waste, it makes up for about 40% of general waste