Photo: Neko Figurines – Happy Family


Anything cat or neko or vaguely kitty like, will catch my attention.

And how could I resist such cute neko figurines, even if it means having to squat infront of the machine, with a wallet filled with coins…

Praying I’ll get the final one 🙂

So we (Bro and I) did.

In total, it took us 36sgd for 12 containers to get a complete set.

Not too bad, plus we got some really cute spares to give as gifts…

That is, if 黑猫 (Clayton) doesn’t claim them, before the rest… Hehe!


2 thoughts on “Photo: Neko Figurines – Happy Family

    1. yup i agree.
      you’ll need to have a complete set or at least one for each diff. series.

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