Food: Marmalade Pantry at the Stables

Marmalade Pantry at the Stables
A treasure tucked away in Fairways Drive.


Thanks to FoodNews, my first food tasting…
and a new hang out place for me (dining and photography) 🙂

With our lovely host (Janice) and 3 fellow bloggers (Shirley, Nadia & Jacelyn)…
We were treating to an amazing and enticing spread at the recent food tasting session.

It left me a few pounds heavier but worth it 😛




Pan Seared Haloumi (S$21)

Pan seared goat’s / ewe’s cheese on a generous serving of juicy tomato and watercress.
It would make a lovely meal for diners who are looking for something light and appetizing.


Mexican Chicken Salad (S$22)

Tangy and refreshing that made you want more with each scoop.
Recommended as a good appetizer to share, on a hot day, as it’s chilled.


Crabmeat Linguine (S$22)

With Pine nuts, tomato and chilli.
A generous serving of pasta and crabmeat with just a hint of chilli.


Steak & Eggs (S$38)

Comes with truffle drenched peas, something new to my taste buds.
It was decent, a little too oily for my liking but it might suit those who likes a filling meal.
One of the recommended or favorites for weekend brunches.


Crispy Pork Belly (S$32)

Indeed crispy and yummy but where’s my pork belly crispy skin?? 😛
Well I hope they would consider keeping the pork skin on, if diners request for it.

If you aren’t a pork skin munching lover, it would suit you just fine.
Refreshing apple slaw, as its side.


Lemon Brulee Tart (S$14)

Sour, yes.
Tangy, yes.
Yummy, hell yeah 🙂

My favorite dessert of the night (and other nights, with my friend).


And lastly July’s cupcake of the month, the Hummingbird.

Not sure if they’ll bring it back anytime soon but it was an interesting mix to my taste buds.
Grated coconut with a banana walnut base and cream in the middle.

A lovely combination.


It’s a lovely place for a cozy dinner with friends and family.
Or a romantic date with a significant others.

 And we heard from Janice, there are couples who did their Solemnization there.


For more details, check out their website:
Marmalade Pantry at the Stables 

Or head on down:
55 Fairways Drive Singapore 286846
T: +65 6467 9328
F: +65 6467 1608
Reservations: +65 6467 7748 


Pardon the lacklustre photos, missed out on quite a few shots, due to the irritating Nikon compact.
The rest were taking with iPhone 4s.

An enjoyable gourmet experience, lovely chats with the ladies 🙂

Random note:
Drooling while writing this post during lunch, haha!

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  1. Hey, thks for the link! It was a lovely evening & I’m glad we could get to know each other better. Been wanting to ask u….. have u collected your Kneipp prize?? Hahaha! I’m currently my 5th one now. Come & join again!

    1. Heh no problem 🙂
      Oops, no I have not… Sorry, just don’t have the time to head down & kept forgetting when in the area.

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