Thoughts: Ready

Waking up this early and my mind wandered, far.
Off the cliff and up the mountain, far.


A dream from a couple of days back, stayed vividly in mind and it was one I never did share with anyone. For it held importance to what was before and present, on those closest to me.

In mere 2 months, a hell lot have changed.

From my willingness to break free from that hurtful past, to meeting new people and hanging out a lot with friends and learning new things… It was a slow (of me to take this long) but steady progression.

With all that, I realized I smiled, from the heart more. Finally understood what was lacking those years, to want to be able to feel and have probable doubts, the drive to be better, to have those who’d believe anything is possible and actually want to help or care.

Thanks to these kind souls, e.g. god siblings whom stood by me over the years, crazily cute friends who drives me insane while laughing till my side aches and the bunch whom are there, dotes and spoil me like a kitty 🙂

At least now, that past no longer has a hold on me. It does aches occasionally, lingers in the mind but it doesn’t weakens me with a heart pain, physically.

Perhaps a better way of putting it…
As addictive as it was, I’m off that ‘drug-like’ status, for good.

For a better path ahead 🙂
And my heart is ready, to try again.

Thank God, for blessing me with such friends.
Thanks dearies, you guys make it possible.

And special thanks to Genette, Dan kor and Foo Ming 🙂