Travel: Gold Coast Trip – Day 01 (on flight)

12:27am – Wed

Here i am, sipping a $4 Robert Timms Hot Chocolate, writing on iPad.
Listening to songs on the Sony Xperia P.

Barely two hours into the flight.
Woken by the meal crews, passengers heading to the loo and sadly, sleep monster eluded me again… Probably went to disturb Nelson Kor :p

My virgin flight on Scoot, SIA’s budget airline.
Well, not much I could tell that’s different from other budget airlines.

Perhaps bigger craft and friendlier crew.

Smoother take off?

Food stuff, costly but good to still have something to warm us up during long flights.
At least the promotion tickets are worth the hassle đŸ™‚


In case you are wondering, if you remember a random post on travel I wrote a while back, this is the continual of that.

Actual trip, to Gold Coast, with family and their friends.

Weird turn of events, when it was supposed to be a lone trip. To clear my head, heart and seek adventures… and maybe meet cuties, hahaha!

Although its still possible, with couple of free days, it is not as thrilling as i hope, with 4 elders dictating half the trip’s itinerary. But I guess I’m lucky, at least I wouldn’t be spending my birthday alone.

Let’s see how it will go.

Hopefully more joy than grumbles, especially with tons of photography opportunities and food…

Side thanks to Clayton and Tech65, for loaning me Sony cameras.
Nex 5N and WX100.

More on the trip and cameras in the next few days.
Shall attempt to sleep now.

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