Photos: Sunset at Q1 Surfers Paradise




Simply amazing.
And over in 10mins.

I’m the kind who’d enjoy a good sunrise and sunset (when i wake myself up for it). Simply because, no sunrise and sunset is the same. Especially with different cloud formations, light contrast and city scape.

Each holds a different feel and story to it… and with the right company, a whole load of memories.


This was taken yesterday at Q1 (Queensland 1, what I was told) on Surfers Paradise, the tallest building (mostly residential levels) with an observation deck (Sky Point), for locals and tourists to have a 360degree view of Surfers Paradise…

Or further, if you can spot your hotel or home at Broad Beach or even Tugun Beach (I’m just kidding, too far) :p

21Aud for an adult ticket, no time limit for the entry (or so it seems, unless closing for events). As for child and family tickets, do head over to their website – Q1 Sky Point

There’s an optional (for a fee) to climb up the 78th level top, enjoy a clear view of the city and breeze (rather strong one and chilly, for this season).

There’s a cafe with pretty decent choices, for those who’d like to relax with wine or a pot of tea and desserts, while checking out the scenery or wait for the sunset (e.g. like me).


And here’s a snapshot of me with the view, waiting:



For locals, they get to apply for unlimited entry, at 29Aud per annual and with various discounts.

I applaud this thoughtful deal, it’s a good way to relax whenever one wants to, in their lovely city.

If only SG tourism side or various observation deck owners would do the same… Hmm.

Oh and a side note, I didnt freak out at all by the height, yay~