Thoughts: Aus trip ‘look back’

Wrote this while on the flight back…
A reflection of the trip and entire experience.


The vacation has finally ended.
Though the heart is filled with reluctance and yearning for it to be longer but all good things do end somehow, to make room for better.

But it was too, a great learning experience.

From it, I learnt I could be…

– Spontaneous enough, to book a trip not knowing what i should or could do of it (though i didn’t end up going alone).

– More willing to ask for help and advices from various people, for gadgets and travel knowledges.

– Brave enough to take chances and make mistakes, experiencing nature and exploring… And not just wander aimlessly in a controlled and concrete environment (shopping malls).

– More than willing to meet new people, opening up and making conversations… And less afraid of being shunned or treated differently.

Perhaps I should say, this is a trip that reminded me how I was before, how I am now, how much better I could be… And the beauty from this world, its sights and living things.

And what’s important.

Forever grateful, blessed.