Photo: Toy for the week – Logitech G600

Received this loan set yesterday.
The Logitech G600, a gaming mouse built specially for MMO gamers.


Interesting piece of gadget, especially the 12 shortcut buttons / keys on the side and choice of color glow (as referred to the box description and online specifications).

I’ve yet to unbox / use it but will do so over the weekend. Hmm only question I have now is… will it work on FPS games too, since I intend to play CS:GO with it.

Guess I would have to try to find out :p
More on it later :p

Side note:
My friend (Antz) said, its possible to use it with TF2… Hmm




As a MMORPG mouse, it would require a little getting used to, especially with the many and closely packed keys.
But as a normal FPS mouse, it’s fast and responsive to the quick movement from user.

I like how it fit my hands comfortably but not so much of the shortcut keys, which i tend to accidentally click it all the time.
It’s kinda like a love hate situation.