Thoughts: Panasonic Travel Light Mobile Backup Power – QE-QL101

Thanks to Panasonic, I had the chance to play with one of their latest products, the QE-QL101
A travel light series portable charger, works for mobile and other gadgets (tested on my bluetooth headset).

shot with iPhone 4s

shot with Sony Xperia P (test shot)

Small enough to stuff into my waist pouch and good for a quick charge.
Comes with 01 usb port for charging, not sure if you can use a double usb connector to split the charge, but worth a try.

And the best thing is, I could charge it with any micro usb cable…
No more dedicated / brand specific cable, yay!

It’s good for one full charge…

If you are a heavy mobile user, like me…
Do opt for the 5,400 mAh model (QE-QL201 – S$89.90), with 02 usb port instead.


A little steep for a one charge charger…
But if you value Eneloop like quality and its portability, go for it.

RRP – S$49.90

Details & specifications:

Do head over to Panasonic’s website for more information

Go the Distance, with Panasonic


Well, it looked very much like a Eneloop mobile booster.

Same thoughts as DK and another friend.

And we found out why…
That’s because Eneloop, is now part of Panasonic 🙂

If you have / had an Eneloop mobile booster (KBC-L3AS-SP model), it’s similar in design and concept.

But current model has a slightly higher mAh.
(2,500 mAh(old) < 2,700 mAh (current))

2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Panasonic Travel Light Mobile Backup Power – QE-QL101

  1. Where can I buy this in SGP? I’ve been searching at the usual places ( challenger, Best, etc) and can’t find it. There are some of the older Sanyo mobile booster but not Panasonic. I must say Santo batteries in general are better distributed than Panasonic

    1. Hi, thanks for asking, good question. I was searching for it online too but not much details. I suppose you can try the upcoming IT show if you don’t mind waiting a little.

      I would suggest giving Panasonic a call or email them.
      Here’s the contact URL:

      Hope this helps a little.
      I’ll update more when there are news on it 🙂

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