Filler: Random Tues Thoughts

Nothing majorly interesting (upcoming stuff) to write or share, for the next few days.
I’ll just blabber on and on and on and on…(irritated yet? :P) and bore you with nitty gritty things 🙂


Loads of photos unprocessed, travel posts undone…
All while meeting friends, attending random events (B&J, Kite Festival and BTSC), spending time and watching movies with piggy.

More time spend with people that matters and less time online, i guess.

And I can’t test the Logitech G600 Gaming mouse yet, as my STEAM account and internet connection is playing punk… =/
Kept getting stuck at 40% update and apparently the wall plug connector is very much unreliable for this issue… problems with cable connection speed or over saturation of cable users? i don’t know… What i do know is, i can’t game!!!! *pfft* =/

Maybe i should just leave it on overnight, see if it’ll work and do some backups.

Okay, back to work…