Thoughts: DBS new iBanking device

Received it in the mail and registered this squarish token / device.

It’s identical to the OneKey by Assurity.
Only difference is color scheme and bank logo.


Wish they would just really make it a one-key for all thingy.
I really don’t want to imagine or have 2 or more device dangling or stuff-ed in my bag… -_-“

Not like we consumers have much of a choice, if they don’t want to work together…
*suck thumb*


Back to this…
It’s easy to register.

Here’s what I did:
1) log in to iBanking as per normal with old token
2) click ‘register new iB Secure Device’ link (on the left bar) of iBanking
3) fill in the code given (refer to bank letter) and the device no. (at the back of device)
4) confirm input, with security code (press old token/device for code)
5) upon accepting the new device, iBanking website will prompt you to log out
6) re-log in to iBanking with new token / device, as it’s now fully activated
7) dump old token / device, as it has been deactivated or void


There are a bunch of other keys (exclude bottom right corner) on it, which are not important (to me) at the moment.

My guess:
– for bank transfers or investment purposes or others.

Let’s leave it to the banks (other banks would probably follow with their own devices or security measures soon), to highlight and advice the use.