News: Launches Online Community-Driven Travel Page announced the launch of a brand new community site aimed at engaging those who have a love and appreciation for all things travel.

Integrated into the website, or accessible via the URL –, the community site will feature a host of quality content, ranging from informative travel guides, to interesting travel blogs, as well as great travel photos. There will also be a section for guest articles, with contributions from travel personalities.

The travel blog will feature articles and interesting experiences covering topics such as travel tips and tricks, as well as detailed features on various travel destinations and locations.

With the new community site, is focused on building partnerships with the larger travel community, and leveraging on its shared knowledge and experiences to broaden the range of content and opinions made available to its customers. will actively engage a broad range of travel writers and personalities to cover different travel destinations, providing unique perspectives and viewpoints, in an effort to empower its customers to make informed travel decisions.

– as of 16th Oct 2012

– Screenshot of AsiaRooms Community Page


While you are checking hotel prices and reviews, you can head on over to the community page…
To see what’s happening, fun to try and experience sharing from various article contributors.

Perhaps including a forum, would make it more complete?
*random thought*


Thanks to friends from XPR, for sharing details.