News: Dell S2340T 23″ Multi-touch Monitor (SG)

Optimized for ultimate interactive experience…

The Dell S2340T, a multi-touch monitor designed to maximize content creation and media entertainment viewing with beautiful design, performance and a multi-position articulating stand.

The monitor features 10-point touch and Full HD, placing a multitude of applications and options right at your fingertips.

Users will scroll, tap, grab, drag or stretch images and tiles with up to 10 fingers at once for a simple and intuitive interactive experience.

The touch functionality is complemented by an adjustable design; the S2340T’s multi-position articulating stand gives you the flexibility to tilt the 23” monitor almost any way – forward, backward, or completely flat (heh, looks cool, bending or twisting it parallel to table top, like a tablet).

Multiple ports at the base, e.g. USB 3.0 , G/Ethernet & HDMI.

Additional ports, at the side.

It is now available for purchase on Dell SG website, starting at S$898.

For more details, please head on over to Dell SG – DELL.


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