Thoughts: of Canon Photomarathon X

2nd year attending Canon Photomarathon and our first time (bf and i) attending a photography event together.

I felt it was more organized compared to last year, even when there was much more participants. I’m referring to registration and submission bit.

Just a little too messy for the t-shirt collection queue.
Goodies for Canon users were pretty good, heh 🙂


1) Wonder
2) Harmony
3) Pleasure

This year’s themes were… as usual, tough.

Saw quite a few good shots on the submission wall, with minimal in camera editing. Lots to learn from those peeps 🙂

The bf, his friends and my bro (Nick) got some good shots as well. Concepts and theme shots, I think.

Good to see my friends there too.
Eg. shifu (Genghui) and Ted.

I’m still a gut instinct and based on ‘feelings’ kind of shooter, so it was a ‘go have fun and join the crowd’ event, for lazy old me :p

Got some weird but interesting stuff, not related to themes, I’ll post them later after editing.

And I shall end this post with random snaps I took with iPhone ytd.
Too tired to continue… *yawn*