News: Fuuvi Nanoblock Toy Digital Camera

Was reading PetaPixel and came across this article
It got me super excited that i know i have to share this to all toy lovers, heh!

– Photo credits: Fuuvi & Nanoblock

Fuuvi & Nanoblock is releasing a toy digital camera series that is customizable, to turn it into anything you camera look you want. Eg. POS, DSLR, Polaroid, box and so much more.

A nice teaser video too… *drools drools*

Priced at Ā„4,368, that would work out to be around SGD68-70 (before shipping / taxes).
A little steep for a 2MP digital camera but as a toy or collectible, it’s pretty okay.

I do hope it’ll be available here in SG.
If not, I would have to order in or see if anyone else is as tempted to want to do a mass order šŸ˜€

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