Thoughts: Answers

A couple of hours trying to figure out a puzzling WordPress issue ( referring to mobile app uploaded photos not loading right in post ) got me pondering…

Why are we humans so bent on having answers and fixing things?

Are we born with an insatiable need to get things right or just brought up with that mentality, through stories, books, moral education and all?

Well, I’ve had those questions for a while, having them resurface whenever I sense issues or need to fix stuff.

But… This time, I think I’m able to wipe them off.

This year alone, has been quite a journey of learning, self discovery and letting go.

Finding the will to not want to fix something broken, e.g walk away from something not worth a fight in an emotion context… to embracing more alternative routes, outcomes and letting go of some, with regards to work, friendship and arguments.

I must say, this slight change reduced quite a fair bit of grievances, anger and time wasted on unnecessary stuff. And spending more quality time with people that matters, who’d truly make an effort in friendship & relationship.

Still, I’ve much to improve on and that’s the whole point of being alive and human.
But I’m glad to not have a dying need for complete answers and things to be right.

Same goes for my WordPress issue, perhaps a workaround would be a better way to go.
Less on-the-go mobile blogging, for the time being 🙂