Photos: & shooting with La Sardina

After a quick presentation on‘s Welcome Rewards, by Mr Rajiv, the Head of Marketing and a yummy lunch at The Loft…
Something else was waiting for us…

A chance to shoot with…

A La Sardina Copernicus and a fun “learning to shoot” session from Lomography Singapore!
With fellow bloggers, we went trigger happy in Chinatown area 🙂

Main point to remember – 10) Don’t worry about any rules (or should be – THERE ARE NO RULES!) 😀

My apologies for the deal but was waiting for Lomography, to send us the developed copies and thus the suspense from this post 😛

I tried shooting with the 10+1 theme in mind and well, pretty much strayed or off-track a little after having too many excess frames left, heh.
And here are the shots from La Sardina:

Thank you for sharing and generous gift!
Can’t wait to load in another roll for more MX shooting 😀