News: Around the world in 80 Milliseconds with SingTel Experience Centre

Wanting to travel and see the world but still saving up for it?
Or not a fan of long distance traveling but still want to check out exotic cities?

You can do so now with The SingTel Experience Centre, a projected 180degree panorama interactive view of cities, on a giant 14 metre screen!
The SingTel Experience Centre will be open to the public from 6th December 2012 (Today).

SingTel Experience Centre

Inside SingTel ComCentre Service Centre (at Exeter Road)
Operating hours of Service Centre


The system utilizes XBox Kinect movement detection, allowing you to move the view however you want with hands / arms gestures.
‘Swimming’ gesture to zoom in for a closer look or zoom out for a panorama view and the ‘binoculars’ hand gestures will allow you to zoom right into a selected area, to see check out beach goers on the photograph.

Available cities, for now, are Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and Paris.

Names of ‘place of interests’ are shown on the interactive screen, for easy referencing.

If you would like more choices, do vote by ‘Like’-ing one of many listed cities, e.g. Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and etc.
Voting will be done on the huge globe at the Experience Centre (and hopefully online, to make it easier).

Oh, you could take a postcard snapshot of yourself (or with friends and family), upload it onto ExperienceCentre.SG and share it on FaceBook or download it for keepsake. It’s not high res but it’s still pretty interesting.

E.g the ones below, of Flora, DK and me:

– in Shanghai

– in Paris



It felt like interactive game of people spotting, like “Where’s Wally?” but minus the actually Wally spotting.
Maybe SingTel could do something similar, input a mini SingTel logo and make it a ‘Find the Logo’ game, for the kids or users who enjoy stuff like that đŸ™‚