Photos: Tea Tasting / Appreciation Class

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As said, I attended a tea tasting / appreciation session, slightly similar to wine tasting / appreciation but on Chinese Tea šŸ™‚

Well I know most would have the same ‘eek!’ thought as I do, when it comes to Chinese tea.

That’s because we always come in contact with those which seems to be more bitter or with slightly heavier after taste while having dim sum.

But yesterday’s talk showed me how Chinese tea can be pleasantly refreshing, light and good for daily consumption when done right.

Thanks to Derek and his wife of Peony Tea Solutions, we were introduced to 6 types / categories of tea, each having its own unique fragrance, taste and texture.

Green – Xinyang Green Tips (Xinyang Maojian)
White – Silver Needles (Baihao Yinzhen)
Yellow – Huoshan Yellow Buds (Huoshan Huangya)
Oolong – Golden Cassia (Huangya Jin Gui)
Black – Qimen Black Tea (Qimen Hongcha)
Dark – 05 Puer

Here are the photos for the tea tasting / appreciation class, conducted by Peony Tea Solutions, I attended:








Heh and I found my kind of tea, the Huoshan Yellow Buds, a yellow tea.

Through them, I learnt to simple brew a small pot of tea for consumption and now have a starter tea kit (tea kit with individually packed sachets for easy storage) for daily enjoyment.

If you would love to learn more about Chinese tea or get a ware set as a gift or purchase tea leaves in convenient sachets, do head over to Peony Tea Solutions website and chat with them on it.

I’m sure he would share what he can and know, like he shared with us šŸ™‚


Probably time for me to cut down on coffee and have more soothing cups of Chinese tea šŸ™‚