Guide: Celebrate Christmas with Logitech products

If you are preparing to get some last minute tech gadgets as Christmas gifts or personal use…
Here are some products which i find would be useful for all age group:

1) Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 – S$169.00

The K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard, makes multi-tasking easy with one-touch switching among devices such as your PC, Ultrabook, tablet or smartphone, regardless of the platform.
Its keys are backlit with bright illumination that automatically adjusts to any light, and its built-in sensors detect your hands’ approach, turning the illumination on or off accordingly and can be charge via USB.

I think it’ll be good for those who are has Smart TV (with Bluetooth functions) for home entertainment use or multi-tasking office workers.

2) Logitech® TV Cam HD – S$299.00

Logitech TV Cam HD is ready to use with any HDTV; simply connect the camera to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet, plug into your HDMI® port, power on, and it works.
Plus the built-in ringer notifies you of incoming calls – whether your TV is on or off.

Good for users who wants to do Skype calls on TV and/or owns a Smart TV.
Would be good to bundle it with the K810 Illuminated Keyboard.

3) Logitech®  UE Boombox – S$399.00

The Logitech® UE Boombox delivers quality wireless, portable audio for those who like a bit more bass in their mix.
It’ll be useful for those who don’t require a full sound system and want something lightweight, to plug their mobile phones or portable music players with 🙂

4) Logitech® Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 – S$109.00

It features a large, ultra-smooth glass touch-surface that supports Windows 8 gestures, and speeds up navigation among windows while giving your fingers more room to roam.
In short, good for those who are already using Windows 8 on their desktop or laptop (who’d require a larger touch surface).

Wonder if it’s possible to use that for FPS games… hurhur 😛

5) Logitech® Ultra-thin Keyboard Cover – S$139.00

The Logitech® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is a stylish, ultra-thin aluminum screen cover that feels great and looks even better—designed to complement your iPad.
In fact, it fits your tablet so seamlessly that you can hardly tell them apart.


Products / items listed above, are available on or any major electronics retail store

Product information as shared by Logitech Singapore and PR agency.