Self: Baking craze for December

Don’t know how exactly and why, we got hit by the baking craze, for last two weekends.
Maybe due to festive period or the new table-top oven we got (Toyomi TO-34RC), making us ga-ga over baking and wanting to see if it’ll work well.

Couple of successful bakes and a few failed ones.

And here are photos of us (bf was the photographer) baking and the end results:

1) First – Betty Crocker Brownies

This came out well, just a tad too sweet.

2) Third – Online recipe (from scratch, not pre-mix) for cupcakes

The taste was decent, ugly looking cupcakes but still okay (i think).
Only problem was not having enough cupcake trays, thus quite a number of them looked very out of shape.

Oops 😛


No photos for the 2nd bake (cookies) yet, not sure if it’s in the compact camera or our phones…
(update: BF say it’s in the compact camera) 😛

Some stuff we learnt, through the hard way during the bake craze weekends.
(reason: i don’t particularly enjoy reading instruction manuals):

1) Oven doors don’t necessary need to be air tight, that’s to allow hot air to circulate out… (as heard from the retailer, when we brought it back, thinking it might be an issue in design).

2) It’s possible to botch a pre-mix cookie set, especially when you don’t follow exactly and/or add some additional items (e.g. milk or use bigger eggs).

3) The temperature conversion, from Fahrenheit to Celsius, could contribute to botch results… adjust accordingly, if you are doing several batches of cookies / pastries.

4) The Convection Air (Turbo Wind) for the oven will speed up the baking / cooking time and not good for baking ( but it is useful for roasting).

5) It’s always more fun to bake without naggy parents around, especially when they have qualifications in baking (heh!).


Shall bake more and see what we can come up with.



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  1. Hi there! May I know how much u paid for and where u get the new oven? I’m thinking of a new oven too and come across this same model at Mustafa gg at $149.. But some forums say the bakes not good.. Any further reviews so far after all your Xmas baking? =)

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